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We are Tirler

How it all started. What our mountain meadow living means for your vacation. And why we attach particular importance to certain topics and things. We want you to be able to read our thoughts. Can you guess? That would be too much to ask. But we want to let you know why we consider bioarchitecture to be the best of all construction methods, where our Tirler water comes from, why we bring woodcarving into the hotel and what Luis Trenker has to do with us. Okay, anyone could invent a witch. But would she be called Curadina?

How the Tirler mountain meadow
became a Dolomites Living Hotel.

Why do people come to the mountain meadow, hoteliers Sandra and Hannes Rabanser asked themselves. They both may understand you better than you think. Because they need what you have in mind: to be free, to find peace, to feel at home. Not forgoing anything here. Are they right?

At the Tirler,
craftsmen have to ponder

The architecture snuck through the stomach into Hotel Tirler. In the restaurant, the hoteliers Sandra and Hannes Rabanser insisted: All guests can choose from the menu, whether they have a food intolerance or not. If there is no sin on the mountain pasture, as the ancients said, then there is no doing without, the hoteliers believe, and so they built their hotel to be allergy-friendly. Freedom for everyone – so goes the Rabanser motto.

You do not have to do
without this sugar

How could we spoil the sweet pleasures of your vacation? No, we wouldn’t do that. That’s why we do not say: Eat less sugar! We say: Eat better sugar! Because: there are alternatives. We have built a whole concept on this: Positive eating, for enjoyment without having to do without certain foods. Try it!

At the Tirler,
everyone swears by Trenker

Please do not contact us and ask: who is Luis Trenker? You must at least know the fashion label. It’s even better if you know of original person. Luis Trenker. South Tyrolean mountain film pioneer, actor, architect, storyteller. At the Tirler, we admire both. Why? We have to go back a ways here…

Our mineral water
flows from the mountain

The water comes from above into Hotel Tirler. Hotelier Hannes Rabanser points out of the window into the Curasoa forest. A single mountain spring feeds showers, the kitchen, spa and swimming pool. Mineral water cannot be any more authentic.

When paragliders
land at art

Art comes to you unexpectedly. Sometimes when paragliding. This is where hotelier Hannes Rabanser got to know the wood sculptor Filip Moroder Doss. Since then, the Val Gardena artists of Unika have exhibited their sculptures at Hotel Tirler. Watch out: you can meet the characters (almost) everywhere.

Even witch Curadina
needs a cat

How superstitious are you? Before you answer: It can be quite lonely on the Seiser Alm. Between the alpine meadow grass and the blue nothing, between the hotel and the Bosch Curasoa, where the trees are dark. Suddenly Hannes Rabanser saw her in front of her: Curadina, the little witch. The black cat? It’s part of it, if you believe it.