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Lady fortune may be blind,
but at Hotel Tirler she is a guest every day!

Every day we give away a series of prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Just join it!

It’s very easy to participate in our lottery. If you spend EUR 20 in our restaurant or at the bar, you are participating. Every day we give away

  • three original Tirler Kaiserschmarren,
  • a day entrance to our spa,
  • a Tirler gadget.

At the end of the year, the main prize will be raffled among all participants:
A WEEK’S HOLIDAY with us at Hotel Tirler!

Click here for the terms and conditions and competition conditions

Our daily winners!!

... from 10.12.2023

  • Nr. 46913 (day entrance to our spa)
  • Nr. 35563 (original Tirler-Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 35565 (original Tirler-Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 46914 (original Tirler-Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 35557 (Tirler-Gadget)

... from 09.12.2023

  • Nr. 53706 (day entrance to our spa)
  • Nr. 46928 (original Tirler Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 53705 (original Tirler Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 46698 (original Tirler Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 46924 (Tirler gadget)

... from 08.12.2023

  • Nr. 46609 (day entrance to our spa)
  • Nr. 46605  (original Tirler Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 46602 (original Tirler Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 46606 (original Tirler Kaiserschmarren)
  • Nr. 46935 (Tirler gadget)