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Dolomites Hotel Tirler:

the organic wellness hotel against the unique backdrop of the Seiser Alm

Built according to the latest ecological standards, Dolomites Hotel Tirler embodies two core principles: living life to the fullest and feeling great doing it.

Disrupting a landscape like the Seiser Alm would be sacrilege. That is why Hotel Tirler not only blends seamlessly into this unique landscape, but it was also designed by architect Hugo Demetz to fully comply with the requirements of ecological construction.

In other words, every last detail has been designed to minimize the ecological footprint while guaranteeing as great a sense of well-being for our guests as possible. Planning a Dolomites hotel like this on the Seiser Alm was not an easy task. It took no less than four projects to find the optimal solution and the construction work was also complex.


Every detail at Dolomites Hotel Tirler on the Seiser Alm has been designed for your sense of well-being and to make your vacation unforgettable.

Enjoy every ray of sunshine in the mountains, both in winter and summer. That’s why our Dolomites Hotel Tirler faces south and has a U-shape This shape also shelters a garden for guests to relax in privacy, shielded from the outside world.

The U-shape of the hotel also gives guests another advantage: maximum freedom of movement. As on the Seiser Alm itself, there is more than one way to your destination. There are always several ways to get from A to B inside the building itself. Guests find themselves on a journey of discovery in the hotel and enjoy experiencing the surprises we have prepared for them.

In addition, you can enjoy nature indoors with all your senses, since only natural materials were used throughout: you will see, feel, and smell wood, natural stone, lime, and clay everywhere you look throughout your stay.

Whatever you expect from a vacation, you will find it at Dolomites Hotel Tirler.

As your organic wellness hotel on the Seiser Alm, Hotel Tirler is, of course, much more than just an extraordinary building. It is also in one of the most beautiful places in South Tyrol. Apart from the landscape and architecture, the hotel has a lot more on offer.

For example, there is a wellness area made of local natural materials for taking care of your sense of well-being. You can enjoy South Tyrolean specialties in the Tirler Hut next to the hotel, under the watchful eye of mountaineering legend Luis Trenker. At Hotel Tirler, we prepare meals to meet the requirements of positive eating and focusing on our guests’ health and well-being. This approach is ideal in particular for those who suffer from allergies and foold intolerances. By the way, Hotel Tirler is the first hotel in Italy to be certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

Our fitness room also helps your health and well-being, while the kids can romp about the children’s paradise and adults can look for their new favorite vintage in our wine cellar. We have no fewer than 270 different wines from South Tyrol and Italy ready for tasting.

As you can see, a vacation at 4*S Dolomites Hotel Tirler, the organic wellness resort on the Seiser Alm, offers everything for a perfect holiday. Everything but the ordinary!

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