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PH 8.2

Pure water springs from the mountain

The in-house spring rises directly above the Hotel Tirler. Hotelier Hannes Rabanser points out of the window into the Curasoa forest. A single mountain spring feeds showers, the kitchen, spa and swimming pool. Water cannot be any more authentic..

“We only have our water, we don’t have any other water,” says the hotelier. The water is examined regularly. The biological laboratory of the State Institute for Environment and Water Resources in Bolzano checks the water quality: “The biologists are always surprised by the purity of the spring,” says Hannes Rabanser proudly. It would be a shame to just let the water flow.

The Tirler water is naturally basic. It is said to purify the body by absorbing pollutants and helping the body to purify itself of toxins.

In a sip: the Tirler herbal water or the Seiser Alm in a glass

Just order it at the table or try it some time. Is pure spring water too monotonous for you? We have successfully experimented: we give out water an aromatic note by letting the Alpine herbs steep in it. This is how the Tirler herbal water is made. We use only local medicinal herbs to do this: Lady’s mantle, known in folk medicine because it relieves headaches and menstrual pains, soothing and relaxing lemon balm, invigorating rosemary, refreshing Roman mint and antispasmodic mountain thyme.*

The level of care is seen in the details. The farmers on the biologically managed Pflegerhof in Seis dry the herbs at low temperatures, explains Hannes Rabanser, “so that the essences are preserved.” When preparing the Tirler herbal water at the hotel, the herbs are then shocked in the carafe with hot water. “That’s how the pores open up,” Hannes knows. After that, the herbs are infused with the fresh Tirler spring water.

From a single source: Tirler water for our own care line

You do not have to take a cold shower when you stay at the Tirler. But we believe there should be focused mindfulness, inside and out. For example, our in-house cosmetics line is made in Germany, but the water used for it comes from the Tirler spring. “That’s why we deliver our water specifically from the mountain to the lab,” reveals hotelier Hannes Rabanser.

Special energy: In the protection of dolomite rock

The waters of the Tirler, as geologists have confirmed, originate right at the foot of the Rosszahn mountain range, which belongs to the Rosengarten area around the Tierser Alpl and is thus part of the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage, the coral reef that rose from the warm Tethys Ocean 250 million years ago.

The mountains are mighty water reservoirs in South Tyrol. Only where legend says humans angered the Schlern mountain witches in the Dolomites did the clear little brooks transform into foul-smelling sulfur springs, knows Hannes Rabanser, who grew up with the scary fairy tales of the area. But that’s another story. In any case, at Hotel Tirler people take care not to call the dark spirits.