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Our alpine hut is located directly in front of Hotel Tirler. So all you have to do is cross Seiser-Alm-Straße. Depending on your mood, you can make the crossing above ground or through the tunnel that connects the front desk and the hut. Our restaurant on the Seiser Alm is located in this hut and we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner here for our guests. All this under the watchful eye of mountaineering legend Luis Trenker, who smiles from the many pictures on the walls. A statue of Trenker also welcomes the guests in the garden.

We have built our Hotel Tirler to the latest ecological standards, because we want to offer our guests not only an unforgettable, but also a healthy vacation experience. This begins in the kitchen, which is based on the principles of positive eating. This has a simple goal: contribute to the health and well-being of the guests. By the way, this also includes those guests who suffer from allergies or intolerances, which means we are the first hotel in Italy that has earned ECARF certification.

… is of course breakfast. Because we know this, we pay special attention to the breakfast buffet, which we prepare for our guests day after day: with sweet and salty, sausage, cheese, and eggs, numerous types of fresh bread, cereals, and milk. We even have a selection of milks ranging from cow milk to soy and coconut milks. This way you will get a great start with the energy boost you will need for a great day in the fresh air of the Seiser Alm.

seiser alm restaurant

Our restaurant is the place where guests at Hotel Tirler can enjoy culinary highlights. We interpret this in giving you the possibility to taste a wide selection of South Tyrolean specialties, using best local ingredients. And because the freedom of our guests is very important to us, there are no fixed menus, but rather guests can freely choose from all of the dishes on our menu every day.