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Today we present to you another typical South Tyrolean dish

Let’s start with the ingredients:


160 g flours | 1/4 litre of milk |  1 pinch of salt | 5-6 eggs | sultanas | icing sugar


Mix the flour with the milk, a pinch of salt and the sugar to form a smooth batter. Add the eggs and carefully fold into the batter. Sultanas can also be added according to taste.
Melt a knob of butter in a shallow pan, cover the base with half of the batter and bake over a medium heat. When the pastry can be easily lifted from the bottom of the pan, turn it over and bake briefly. Tear into large pieces with two forks and sprinkle with icing sugar. The ”Kaiserschmarrn” is particularly fluffy if the egg whites are beaten with a little sugar. Carefully fold this mixture into the batter. In South Tyrol, cranberry jam or compote is served with the pancakes.

Now enjoy!

It tastes all year round, be it summer or winter. We wish you bon appetite!