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hotel südtirol mit pool

Our swimming pool is located in the middle of the garden, shielded by the two wings of the hotel. It’s not only a special swimming pool because of its impressive altitude, but also because it is fed by our private spring, the source of all of the water at Hotel Tirler. But don’t worry: before you swim in it, the clear spring water is heated to 33°C (91°F), making an outdoor swim possible even in winter. And because we rely on nature through and through, the water is also naturally purified. In this way, the water is enriched with oxygen, the bacteria in the water are trapped in it, and then destroyed using a special lamp.

A swim in our pool is thus a special pleasure in every way.

Dive into wellness

If you don’t feel like swimming, but still want to enjoy the water, you will enjoy our hot tub with panoramic views. Located above the wellness oasis at Hotel Tirler, it offers breathtaking views of the beautiful Dolomites and the entire Seiser Alm. There is no better or more spectacular way to relax.

Opening hours

The panoramic hot tub is open from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.