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Dear guests, our travel porter is happy to be able to fulfill your wishes.

    Personal data

    For free access to the Alpe di Siusi: please let us know the brand of your car and the license plate, so we will send you the transit permit directly!

    The destination of your holiday at the Tirler - Dolomites Living Hotel

    (it is also possible to indicate more than one)

    With this I definitely order the following positions chosen in this list.

    Enjoy and live in the Tirler Dolomites Living Hotel

    Culinary specialties

    Wellness - treatment in our "Energie Curasoa SPA"

    Comfort for a deep sleep

    Little surprises


    Communication media eg books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, CDs, ...


    eg toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, paperback books, ...

    The costs will be debited directly to your account.