Our treatments for your well-being

We care about your well-being. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatments in the Curasoa Energy Spa, the spa area of Hotel Tirler.

Stress shouldn’t be a part of your vacation: you want to relax. After all, it’s about recharging our batteries, which works best in our Curasoa Energy Spa. A wide range of treatments awaits all those guests here who want to be pampered. We use our own Curasoa products, which have been developed exclusively for our guests.

So you have nothing to do but be spoiled for choice. Everything else is taken care of by experienced hands.

Information – Reservations

Our tip: make note of the treatments that appeal to you before you start your vacation with us! In this way, there will be no bottlenecks and you can be sure that you get what you are looking forward to. You will receive the booking confirmations for your treatments upon check-in.

Take your time

Because a hectic pace is the natural enemy of relaxation, we ask you to arrive at the spa area five to ten minutes before your appointment. In this way, you can enjoy the full length of your treatment.


We ask you to come to your treatment in a bathrobe. We guarantee suitable coverage to protect your privacy.


In order to best respond to all your requests, we ask you to tell us before and during the treatment what you particularly like and appreciate. After all, the success of a treatment also depends on communication.


Please notify us of any cancellations at least 12 hours before the start of the treatment. If you fail to cancel in time, we will unfortunately have to charge the entire cost of the treatment.

Opening hours

Our beauty area is open daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Facial treatments

Classic facial treatment with herbal stamp massage. Care and herb power

50 min. (80 €)

80 min. (108 €)

The warm mountain herbal stamps and an intensive facial massage relax your skin so the active ingredients in the Curasoa products can penetrate deeply and unfurl their full effectiveness. Your skin is regenerated and activated.

Special facial treatment for demanding skin Energy & charisma

80 min. (118,00 €)

A treatment ritual that intensively nourishes and balances your skin. Thanks to our Tirler skin care line and its special masks, which we individually choose to your skin needs. Your skin will look balanced, smoothed and deeply recovered. A personal break with a brilliant result.

Facial treatment for the man Skin power package & vitality

50 min. (80 €)

A powerpackage for men’s skin. Natural power gives you care, recovery and vitality. An off-time that gets under your skin.

Beauty treatments


50 min. (70,00 €)

A care package for your hands with hand-bath, peeling, mask, nail care and nail polish if desired. A final massage completes this soothing package. Craft art that touches.


50 min. (70,00 €)

Ready for the start after a footbath with peeling, followed by the careful pedicure and nail polish if de-sired. The concluding foot massage makes your mountain feet active and fresh again.

Curasoa beauty treatments

Forming eyebrows

20,00 €

Coloring eyelashes and eyebrows

28,00 €

Waxing upper lip

18,00 €

Waxing up to knee

40,00 €

Waxing full leg

60,00 €

Waxing bikini and armpit

45,00 €

Complete Wax (Armpit-bikini and ½ leg)

65,00 €

Body treatments

CURASOA body scrub

20 min. (42,00 €)

A full-body peeling that gently cleanses the skin appearance and refines the complexion. For a fresh body feeling – full of energy!

Body wrap

20 min. (42,00 €)

A special body mask! You choose between intensive moisturizing, balance, relaxing or anti aging effect. Very special and only for you! Ideal also in combination with a facial treatment.

CURASOA full body peeling & body embalming

25 min. (55,00 €)

The perfect combination of refreshing body scrub and gentle embalming. A regenerating break for your skin – ideal for active people, nature lovers and sauna lovers.

Massages – Classic

Curasoa Ritual

50 min. (87,00 €)

70 min. (108,00 €)

Our exclusive CURASOA ritual! A massage composition of stone power and ancient natural healing knowledge, which has a deeply balancing effect. The quartzite stone as a massage medium, the power of natural herbal oils, warmth and therapeutic knowledge combine to form a holistic treatment that gives inner peace and energy. An authentic nature experience for body and soul!

High-energy body balance

25 min. (42,00 €)

50 min. (75,00 €)

This massage is individual to your needs in terms of content, pressure and focus. Upon request, your personal massage time will be relaxing with Swiss pine oil, or activating with arnica oil. For a balanced, energetic body feeling!

Hot-blooded climber – Intensive sport massage

25 min. (40,00 €)

50 min. (73,00 €)

No matter whether you have tense or overstrained muscles: A sports massage with our special oils provides rest and relaxation and makes you fit again.

Intensive Sports Massage

High-altitude exhilaration – Head, shoulder and neck massage

25 min. (53,00 €)

The aim of this massage is to release tension in the shoulders, neck or head. So you can throw off the burdens of everyday life. This massage is also ideal for the initial adjustment difficulties to the high altitude.

Herbal classic – Full-body herbal stamp massage

50 min. (74,00 €)

The healing power of mountain herbs and a special massage technique help to find relaxation and restore inner balance. It is based on stretching, pressure, heat and stamps filled with herbs, spices and nurturing substances. This combination relaxes the muscles and body and provides the skin with soothing nutrients.

Detox Treatment

Detox Treatment – your personal program

90 min. (185,00 €)

Before you start, you should know that it is very easy and your body has everything ready for you. You just have to support him a little.

That’s waiting for you:

Advice at the beginning – we put together an individual program for your weekend.

  • A fascial detox treatment
  • Foot bath
  • Cooking class with a Tirler cook, make your own detox soup!
  • High quality water in your own bottle
  • and lots of healthy, oxygen-rich air

Intensive Sports Massage

Sporty refresher

25 min. (42,00 €)

50 min. (75,00 €)

For active people, athletes and people full of energy. This intensive sports massage activates blood circu-lation, relaxes and loosens stressed muscles and accelerates muscle recovery. An effective treatment experience using specific techniques and exclusive massage oils to gain strength.

True free spirit

25 min. (53,00 €)

An effective treatment that gently releases tensions in the head and shoulders and calms your thoughts. Ideal for height adjustment. For a relaxed musculature and a clear mind.

Special massage

Sensual aroma enjoyment

25 min. (42,00 €)

50 min. (75,00 €)

Harmony for your nervous system and your muscles. Gentle massage techniques and essential oils can be activated, calming or balancing depending on your wishes. The warmth and wax of the aroma candles act as a loving embrace and give your skin a velvety feel. Enjoy with all senses.

Hot herbal secret

50 min. (87,00 €)

The effectiveness of alpine herbs in combination with an extraordinary massage technique – our secret tip for real enjoyer and those seeking relaxation! Warm herbal stamps and a special pressure and stretching technique improve the blood circulation of the muscles and stimulate the metabolism. For new energy and a vital body feeling!

Honey massage
natural force

50 min. (115,00 €)

This stimulating whole-body honey massage combines revitalizing and relaxing techniques and create a harmonious balance of body and mind. The honey-scented, nourishing beeswax pack exudes a pleasant warmth, promotes blood circulation, has a cleansing effect and leads you into the deep recovery. A final milk-honey facial mask cares for and completes the energetic experience. A sweet balance with a noticeable effect!

Fascial detox treatment & oil massage

50 min. (87,00 €)

A holistic treatment method with detox effect, which dissolves deep-seated tension, has a laxative and relieving effect. The blood circulation and the metabolism is activated. The use of massage cups ensures a firm, revitalized complexion. Feel and see it!



20 min. (42,00 €)

A mindful massage for children with caring cocoa butter. Gentle touches calm and provide a feeling of security. We perform this treatment in the presence of a parent. We are happy to show you massage tips for the family ritual at home.


25 min. (40 €)

Pampering hand bath, file nails, hand massage and – for the girls – nail polish.


25 min. (40 €)

Pampering foot bath, file nails, foot massage and – for the girls – nail polish.

Curadina facial treatment

25 min. (45,80 €)

A cleaning and relaxing facial treatment with face mask followed by a facial massage for little girls and boys!